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Slate Committee Information
Slate Committee Name:  Team 32 Slate          
CCF ID:   02008748 Status:   Active Established Date:  05/16/2007 End Date:    
Election Participation
Election TypeParty AffiliationStart DateEnd DateStatus
Affiliated Candidate Information
Candidate NameCandidate Committee NameMailing AddressEmailStatus
PAMELA GRABOSKI BEIDLEBeidle, Pam Friends ofPO Box 397, Linthicum, MD, Pamela.Beidle@gmail.comActive
Mark Soo ChangChang, Mark Citizens To Elect7517 Jacqwill Road, Glen Burnie, MD, mark@markchang2006.comActive
JAMES EDGAR DEGRANGEDeGrange, James Ed The Friends OfPO Box 580, Glen Burnie, MD, endegrange@verizon.netActive
RICHARD STUART MADALENOMadaleno, Richard Marylanders For11117 Dewey Road, Kensington, MD, richmadaleno@gmail.comActive
ANDREW CHRISTOPHER PRUSKIPruski, Andrew Friends ofP.O. Box 674, Gambrills, MD, acpruski@hotmail.comActive
PETER ISIAH SMITHSmith, Pete Friends ofP.O. Box 787, Severn, MD, pete@votepetesmith.comActive
THEODORE JOHN SOPHOCLEUSSophocleus, Theodore "Ted" Committee To Elect6584 Brentwood Road, Linthicum, MD, tedsophocleus@yahoo.comActive
JACQUELINE IRENE ALLSUPAllsup, Jacqueline I., Friends of7370 Anon Lane, Glen Burnie, MD, Jallsu6@aol.comInactive
Earl W. BarnesBarnes, Earl W. Committee To Elect201 Hawthorne Road, Linthicum, MD, Inactive
Barbara Elizabeth BurdetteBurdette, Barbara Friends Of905 Beyda Harbour, Pasadena, MD, burdettecpa@verizon.netInactive
WALTER DAVID DOWDow, Walter Citizens for1850 Statesman Ct., Severn, MD, walterd1@rcn.comInactive
DARYL D JONESJones, (Daryl) D. Committee, Keeping Up With7600 Sharp Court, Severn, MD, DJON4316@aol.comInactive
ANDREA MURIEL JONES-HORTONJones-Horton, Andrea Friends of7715 Classic Court, Severn, MD, H3MWA@juno.comInactive
DANIEL EDWARD KLOSTERMANKlosterman, Dan for Council8240 Victoria Road, Millersville, MD, dan@klosterman.bizInactive
Mary Ann LoveLove, Mary Ann Friends Of7961 Crownsway, Glen Burnie, MD, josefclove@cablespeed.comInactive
Chairperson Information
NameEmailMailing AddressPublic PhoneStart DateEnd DateStatus
WALTER DAVID DOWwlaterd1@ron.com1850 Statesman Court, Severn, MD, 2114402/05/2008
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Treasurer Information
NameEmailMailing AddressPublic PhoneStart DateEnd DateStatus
JAMES CORNELL THOMASjthomas020238@outlook.com46 Glendale Avenue, Glen Burnie, MD, 2106102/05/2008
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Additional Contacts (Optional)
RoleNameMailing AddressPublic PhoneContact PhoneEmailStart DateEnd DateReceive NoticesFor Public
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Documents / Correspondence
Document DateDocument TypeDocument Description
01/03/2017Pre-Report Notice – (2017 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2017 ANNUAL)
01/04/2016Pre-Report Notice – (2016 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2016 ANNUAL)
01/06/2015Pre-Report Notice – (2015 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2015 ANNUAL)
10/30/2014Pre-Report Notice – (2014 POST-GENERAL GUBERNATORIPre-Report Notice – (2014 POST-GENERAL GUBERNATORIAL)
10/07/2014Pre-Report Notice – (2014 PRE-GENERAL2 REPORT GUBEPre-Report Notice – (2014 PRE-GENERAL2 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)
08/11/2014Pre-Report Notice – (2014 PRE-GENERAL1 REPORT GUBEPre-Report Notice – (2014 PRE-GENERAL1 REPORT GUBERNATORIAL)
06/02/2014Pre-Report Notice – (2014 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIPre-Report Notice – (2014 PRE-PRIMARY2 GUBERNATORIAL)
05/08/2014Pre-Report Notice – (2014 PRE-PRIMARY1 GUBERNATORIPre-Report Notice – (2014 PRE-PRIMARY1 GUBERNATORIAL)
01/02/2014Pre-Report Notice – (2014 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2014 ANNUAL)
09/25/2013Candidacy and Campaign Finance Legislative UpdateCandidacy and Campaign Finance Legislative Update
09/25/2013Reporting Schedule2014 Reporting Schedule
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Filing Information
Election CycleFiling Period NameFiling MethodReport Due DateOriginal Filed DateAmendment Filed DateUploadedBy
2015-20182017 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/18/201701/18/2017JAMES THOMAS
2015-20182016 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/20/201601/16/2016JAMES THOMAS
2015-20182015 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/21/201501/21/2015JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Post-GeneralOriginal Campaign Statement11/18/201411/18/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Pre-General2 ReportOriginal Campaign Statement10/24/201410/24/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Pre-General1 ReportOriginal Campaign Statement08/26/201408/26/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary2Original Campaign Statement06/13/201406/13/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary1Original Campaign Statement05/27/201405/27/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142014 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/15/201401/13/2014JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142013 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/16/201301/16/2013JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142012 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/18/201201/19/2012JAMES THOMAS
2011-20142011 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/19/201101/19/2011User Admin
2007-20102010 Gubernatorial Post-GeneralOriginal Campaign Statement11/23/201011/23/2010User Admin
2007-20102010 Gubernatorial Pre-GeneralOriginal Campaign Statement10/22/201010/22/2010User Admin
2007-20102010 Gubernatorial Pre-Primary2Original Campaign Statement09/03/201009/03/2010User Admin
Filing Period NameReport Due DateFiled DateViolation StatusViolation DateViolation AmountWaived AmountOutstanding BalanceViolations
2012 Annual01/18/201201/19/2012Closed01/19/2012$10.00$0.00$0.00Failure to file
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