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Ballot Issue Committee Information
Committee Name:  Marriage Alliance- No on 6, Maryland      
CCF ID:   04009134 Status:   Active Established Date:  09/10/2012 End Date:    
Election participation
Election TypeBallot IssueLocationPositionStart DateEnd DateStatus
PresidentialCivil Marriage Protection ActStateOppose09/10/2012
Chairperson Information
NameDate of BirthEmailMailing AddressPublic PhoneStart DateEnd DateStatus
DEREK ANTONIO MCCOY04/23/1967derek@mdfamily.org6817 Storch Court, Seabrook, MD, 20706410-858-403009/10/2012
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Treasurer Information
NameDate of BirthEmailMailing AddressPublic PhoneStart DateEnd DateStatus
BRIAN DUGGAN12/20/1957bduggan39@gmail.com5114 WILSON LANE, BETHESDA, MD, 20814410-858-403009/10/2012
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Additional Contacts (Optional)
RoleNameMailing AddressPublic PhoneContact PhoneEmailStart DateEnd DateReceive NoticesFor Public
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Documents / Correspondence
Document DateDocument TypeDocument Description
02/02/2016Returned MailReturned 1/20/16 PRN for treasurer
01/28/20161-20-16 AffidavitScanned copy of ALCE that was filed electronically in CRIS
01/26/2016Returned MailReturned 1/20/16 PRN for chairman
01/04/2016Pre-Report Notice – (2016 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2016 ANNUAL)
01/06/2015Pre-Report Notice – (2015 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2015 ANNUAL)
01/02/2014Pre-Report Notice – (2014 ANNUAL)Pre-Report Notice – (2014 ANNUAL)
09/25/2013Candidacy and Campaign Finance Legislative UpdateCandidacy and Campaign Finance Legislative Update
09/25/2013Reporting Schedule2014 Reporting Schedule
08/08/2013Show Cause Letter_1 - (2012 POST-GENERAL PRESIDENTShow Cause Letter_1 - (2012 POST-GENERAL PRESIDENTIAL)
11/16/2012Pre-Report NoticePre-Report Notice for the 11/27/2012 Post-General Presidential
10/16/2012Pre-Report NoticePre-Report Notice for the 10/26/2012 PresidentialPre-General
10/12/2012Statement of Organization
09/26/2012Pre Report NoticePre Report Notice for the 10/12/12 Presidential Ballot Issue Report
09/10/2012Statement of Organization (Original)
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Filing Information
Election CycleFiling Period NameFiling MethodReport Due DateOriginal Filed DateAmendment Filed DateUploadedBy
2015-20182016 AnnualAffidavit (ALCE)01/20/201601/19/2016BRIAN DUGGAN
2015-20182015 AnnualAffidavit (ALCE)01/21/201501/20/2015BRIAN DUGGAN
2011-20142014 AnnualAffidavit (ALCE)01/15/201401/13/2014DEREK MCCOY
2011-20142013 AnnualOriginal Campaign Statement01/16/201301/16/2013DEREK MCCOY
2011-20142012 Presidential Post-GeneralAmended Campaign Statement11/27/201211/28/201212/12/2012DEREK MCCOY
2011-20142012 Presidential Pre-GeneralAmended Campaign Statement10/26/201210/27/201211/29/2012DEREK MCCOY
2011-20142012 Presidential Ballot Issue ReportOriginal Campaign Statement10/12/201210/12/2012DEREK MCCOY
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Filing Period NameReport Due DateFiled DateViolation StatusViolation DateViolation AmountWaived AmountOutstanding BalanceViolations
2012 Presidential Post-General11/27/201211/28/2012Referred to OSP11/28/2012$10.00$0.00$10.00Failure to file
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